Tocha Films is a Brazilian independent producer company, specialised in audiovisual content for multiple media platforms. Environmental Social Governance is the route chosen for creating transformational and disruptive content, aiming to foster a better world and a higher bread of human society. Equal opportunities for happiness and prosperity for every living being.

Tocha Filmes, connecting true values, connecting through values.


I’m addicted to chat and connect people. A good idea comes along with a good chat, and a good idea turns into a new audiovisual project. I’m an interesting combination of over 25 years of past experience in the corporate business life with an endless curiosity for histories and narratives about the Planet we live in and all creatures who share it with us. Engaging people though meaningful content delivered as entertainment, amplifying the scope of the initial chat into a transformational and disruptive conversation. This is my goal: connect people to values and through values.