The company

Tocha Films is a Brazilian independent producer company, specialized in audiovisual content for multiple media platforms.

Most of the content are related to sustainability (UN Sustainable Development Goals), life style, natural history and sports, manly in the outdoors, with deliverables developed in a customized way for its customers, as corporate, NGO’s or TV channels.

Through a comprehensive and diverse formats and deliverables, the audiovisual content generated becomes a powerful and efficient communication toll to connect values to brands, impacting and transforming people.

Tocha Films is ready to propose and access multiple private and public financing mechanisms available in local and international markets, developing co-production agreements when needed.

Tocha Films, connecting people, brands and organizations through images and values

Knowing a bit more

Tocha Films is a Brazilian independent producer company, fully registered under Ancine (Brazilian Film Agency). Therefore, is eligible to access multiple government funding platforms available in the market, supporting customers to partner in customized audiovisual projects.

Tocha Films articulates closely with key stake holders and NGO’s such as UN Woman, Instituto Ethos, Green Building Council Brasil, Movimento Mulher 360, Coalização Empresarial para Equidade Racial e de Gênero, Rede Mulher Empreendedora, FSC, Greenpeace, Exchange 4 Change Brasil, among others to assure consistency about the content produced.

Tocha Films has developed a wide portfolio of customers, whose names can be seen on each of the projects presented on this web page.

Sylvio Rocha

I’m addicted to chat and connect people. A good idea comes along with a good chat, and a good idea become a project when it is well developed and managed, creating a valuable content, broadly distributed. Sylvio Rocha, has a business degree at FGV-SP, and worked for 25 years in the financial industry. In 2011 joined Canal Azul producer company where he was responsible for business development, having worked in many feature films, documentaries and TV series. In 2014, with the launch of Tocha Films a broader range of themes came to play, such as sustainability, outdoor lifestyle and sports.